Barbed Wire Workshop ~ 2nd October!

Our last “First Tuesday of the Month” for 2018

Painting barbed wirebarbed wire Joy Jones

Joy Jones will be sharing this beautiful technique of painting barbed wire using watercolour and gouache.

byo heavy watercolour paper with  low tooth/ smooth surface and paints.

MASH does have some watercolours.

(Joy does have gouache to share if needed).

Please email Lorri Lambert if you have (or can get) some actual barbed wire (rusty preferred)




July ~ September what we have been up to!

Sorry I have been a bit slow posting .. got a bit sidetracked with Facebook, setting up my art therapy business and of course painting!

Below is a bit of a selection of images from workshops we have held over the past few months.  First Tuesday of the Month in July we did monochrome work, followed by collage in August and Pastels in September.

The pastels were inspired by the Ross Paterson workshop held a week earlier.  Members brought along their work and we shared ideas and techniques.

The annual General meeting was held Tuesday 18th September.

President: Judy Brawn  Secretary: Lorri Lambert  Treasurer: Sue McGrath

Membership is still $25 per year.